Eat Peanut Butter and Save the Earth

Saturday, August 30, 2008

P.B. Loco has a free shipping special until September 5: buy $40 of peanut butter goodness and your order ships free. No coupon code needed, the free shipping should automatically appear in your cart.

They also sent me some interesting facts about eating peanut butter instead of meat:

Reduce Global Warming by Eating a PB Sandwich. It may be hard to believe, but by eating a peanut butter sandwich (or some other plant-based meal) rather than an animal-based meal, such as a burger, you save the equivalent of almost 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, including 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Conserve Land by Opting for a PB Sandwich in Lieu of a Burger. We can save land by eating more plant-based foods and less animal-based foods. Animal food products require 6 to 17 times as much land as soy to produce the equivalent amount of protein. Choosing peanut butter over meat for lunch saves 12 to 50 square feet of land from deforestation, overgrazing, and pesticide and fertilizer pollution.

Conserve Water by Eating a PB Sandwich. Plant-based meals also save water as compared to meat-based meals because it takes less water to grow plants than to raise animals. Thus, opting for a peanut butter sandwich over a ham sandwich conserves about 280 gallons of water. Do this three times a month and it has the same effect as switching to a low-flow shower head.


Steve said...

Eating a peanut butter sandwich instead of ham saves 280 gallons of water? How much water does a pig drink?

PurrPrints said...

yup--yay peanut butter!

though actually i must confess I'm cheating on peanut butter currently--i opted for fresh-ground cashew butter from the health food store last night--and it's awfully yummy!

PurrPrints said...

steve--it's not just what the pig drinks, it's the water used in meat processing is higher than in nut processing--especially with sliced meats, which often use extra water to plump up the weight (and thus what you pay)

Lucky Girl said...

And the water needed to grow the food that the pig eats. But still, 280 gallons is a lot of water for one little sandwich.