PEANUT BUTTER, A Poem by Jennifer Scott

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I think this is totally cool! A poem written especially for this blog!

Pause for a moment and remember
Easy days of summer, making your own peanut butter
And jelly, heavy on the peanut butter.
Nothing solidifies times as golden, thick peanut butter
Under English muffins, in cookies, or on
Toast, gooey and dripping.

Baking cookies on days of winter
Unable to wait till they were cool, washing down
The goodness with icy milk.
Thank you George Washington Carver Jr for discovering the uses of this tuber.
Ever wonder how we can
Remember happiness without peanut butter?

Jennifer M Scott from Dragonfly Poems can take any word, such as name--or even peanut butter--and create a poem. Each poem will be printed on computer stationary with a nice font. For more information please visit Dragonfly Poems and take a look at other samples. She can’t wait to create a poem for you.