Krema Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Krema has been making peanut butter for over 100 years. The ingredients are: peanuts. That's it--no salt, oil, sugar, or any of the really bad stuff. A number of people have recommended that I try it, and it sounded like a winner. I hate to admit it, but I think I may have found a peanut butter I don't much care for. The flavor is terrific, and I love the absence of extra ingredients. It's the texture that bothers me: it doesn't feel good straight off the spoon. There's a gritty sort of texture, and although it disappears if you bake it into a recipe, I can't open a jar without sneaking a spoonful for a snack.


Clint said...

Love the peanut butter ideas!

Laura said...

I have found that SO MANY of the peanut butters have partially hydrogenated oils...a major cause of heart disease. I started using Skippy Creamy Natural, the one with the brown top. It's already whipped, and it never seperates.

It's wonderful!

tet said...

hey! we're marketing a peanut butter brand, and i read in this entry how you like to eat peanut butter from the spoon. do you think there's a market for a creamy peanut dessert-- which would be inviting buyers/consumers to eat delicious peanut butter on its own (as an indulgent treat) without the bun? :)

feedback will be very much appreciated. hit me back:

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