A New Superhero

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kathy Jeffords, also known as KJ, is the genius behind Peanut Butter Girl. I love her determined, no-nonsense expression, and her superhero costume is pretty sweet. I asked KJ about Peanut Butter Girl's origin:

One day, I was thinking of my grandma, who passed away when I was in high school, and how a friend of hers used to call me Peanut Butter Girl when I was little.
And it just hit me that Peanut Butter Girl kind of sounded like a superhero name. And of course, a superhero named Peanut Butter Girl HAS to have a jelly-related sidekick, right?

KJ's favorite peanut butter is Peter Pan Honey Roasted -- and it's gotta be crunchy! And she shared her favorite peanut butter "recipe":

take some peanut butter, take some Cool Whip . . . (quantities are totally up to your personal taste) -- mix'em up and stick it in the freezer for about an hour. It is heavenly. You don't have to freeze it -- you can eat it immediately -- but freezing it makes it so much better!

You can find Peanut Butter Girl prints at The Dreamy Giraffe.


Deb DiSalvo said...

LOVE it!!! Love reading your blog!

Julie said...

She is really cool--love her!