Peanut Butter and Jelly Soapsicles

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This soap on a stick is so yummy looking! Made with glycerin and shea butter, and scented with grape fragrance oil and real peanut butter. And who wouldn't have fun with a soapsicle!?! Get yours for $5 at LoveLeeSoaps.


LoveLeeSoaps said...

Thank you so much for featuring my PB&J soapsicles! I hope everyone likes them.

The Travel Beggar said...

This post has reminded me of a really funny story so I hope you will let me tell you a funny story.
Back in the december of 2000, my best friend & i were living in san diego while our families were back in new orleans. Unfortunately this would be our first christmas' ever away from our families, so my mom sent me and my best friend tommy, christmas presents.
Christmas morning came and tommy came over from the marine corp base to my house to celebrate the holiday. We opened presents and my mom had stuffed two stockings full of candy. Now my mom is a bit crazy sometimes and often sends me weird stuff. Well at the bottom of our stockings were two chocolate squares that smelled like peppermint that were wrapped in wax. Tommy asked me what kind of candy I thought it was, but I had no there was only one way to tell....lick it. Tommy & I licked and licked but it just tasted weird.
Then my mom finally called. When I asked her where she got that weird candy wrapped in wax..she said that she and her neighbors made soap! and my best friend were licking SOAP for like 3 minutes on Christmas! We still talk about it today.
Therefore my #1 rule when it comes to soap.....SOAP MUST NOT LOOK or SMELL LIKE CANDY!!!! or at least keep it away from 2 knuckleheads from New Orleans! Thanks for the memories!

Bingolady said...

Wow, they look awesome :)
Sometimes I use Lush products, and they smell like I want to eat them. It is tricky to hide them from the children who wanna eat them :))

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Neat spa[s. I love the name of your blog!