Peanut Butter for the Hungry

Monday, June 9, 2008

I read an article in the Charlotte (North Carolina) Observer that said area churches are asking their members to bring in jars of peanut butter to help supply local food banks. With rising food and gasoline prices, the shelves of many food banks are bare. Summer usually brings an increased demand for food when many schools close and children don't benefit from school-supplied breakfasts and lunches.

The Peanut Butter Blog wants to help. Next time you're shopping, pick up an extra jar of peanut butter and donate it to your local food bank. Check America's Second Harvest if you need help locating a food bank near you. Leave a comment here when you make your donation, and I'll match your donation with one of my own. I'd love nothing better than to post a blog roll of donors and a count of total donations!