Reader Recipe--Waffles a la Peanut Butter

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This recipe comes from my oldest daughter, Allison, who has become a huge fan of The Peanut Butter Blog.

2 frozen waffles (she used chocolate chip)
peanut butter (she used chocolate peanut butter)
ice cream (she used Edy's Banana Nut)
whipped topping

Toast the waffles, spread each with peanut butter. Scoop ice cream onto the peanut butter side of one waffle, top with the other waffle (peanut butter side down). Add whipped topping.

This would also be good with Moose Tracks ice cream, and some roasted peanuts sprinkled on top.

This is Gabriel, my grandson. He seems to be less than thrilled that his mom won't let him enjoy the waffles.


Natalie said...

I discovered some yummy homemade peanut butter at a farmer's market this weekend. They sell it online, check out and click on the peanut butter icon. It's soooooo good! And since I drop my EC on your blog all the time I thought of you. :)

Angelika said...

Where did she get the chocolate peanut butter??? They used to sell it here, but then they stopped. I thought that they had stopped making it.

Lucky Girl said...

@natalie: thanks for the tip--I'm checking them out now!

@angelika: you can get it at Super Target, some Kroger stores, and online at